Hebrew Roots Movement Exposed # 1

The first in a series exposing the Hebrew Roots Movement cult as a works-based, anti-christ religion.

The I.F.B. are B.I.N.O.

The following is the first section of a booklet I wrote titled B.I.N.O. - Comparing the Roots of the I.F.B. Movement to the Root of God’s People. This was first written as a booklet then delivered to our congregation on our one-year anniversary as members of the small country-side body.     The acronym B.I.N.O. stands [...]

Until the Time of Reformation

The following was a message I preached some months ago. Since then, I've made some corrections, and I've re-ordered the content. If you would like to listen to the audio, click here.  Who made the following statements? BAPTISM: “It works forgiveness of sins, rescues from death and the devil, and gives eternal salvation to all [...]

The Beard

An important study on why men should wear beards. Today, in our sodomized culture, Christians need to establish clearer gender lines than ever before regardless of how androgynous the culture has become!

Lessons from Legion

Mark 5:1-3,15 There are five lessons we can learn from this passage in Mark 5. This topic is important because (I speak to personal experience) there are “Christians” today who deny the existence of a “spiritual world,” or angels and devils (please, don’t call them demons); they struggle with the idea of a literal, dangerous [...]