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Baptist Baptism

Bro Les Potter and Bro Mac Woody team up to deliver a sound book on the topic of Baptism, looking at the witnesses of Scripture and history. A very thorough study that any student of scripture and Baptist history cannot afford to be without.

The Mystical, Invisible, Universal “Church” Examined in Scripture

Bro Les Potter exposes the heretical doctrine of the Catholic and Protestant systems, namely that the “church” is Invisible and Universal. He explores everything from the “Fundamentalist Baptism of the Holy Spirit” to the actual harms of the doctrine. This is a very thorough book. If you call yourself a Baptist, read this.

Why Baptists Are Not Protestants OR The Origins and the Doctrine of the Anabaptists of the Reformation

Brother Raul Enyedi explores the origins of the people called Anabaptists and provides ample evidence to prove that Baptists are not Protestant in origin or doctrine and teaches just what it is that Baptists have historically believed. Every point is well documented, making this an “air-tight” defense of the truth. Another book to add to one’s library. Download it; read it; believe it; share it!