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The Faithful Bride of Christ

This article looks at a number of conditional “if” passages of the New Testament. Bro. M.J. Filenius makes the Biblical case that the conditions are not for one’s eternal salvation but rather correctly applies them to “Brideship.”

Landmark Bible Baptist Belief

Bro Henry, in this short 8-page booklet, examines the “Landmarker” belief and establishes the Biblical doctrine of church succession, perpetuity, and continuity.

The Local, Visible Bride

Bro. Nathan Moon explores the question of who the Bride of Christ is. From defining the word “church” to answering some of the most common objections to “Brider doctrine,” this booklet is a down-to-earth primer and defense of one of the most important and blessed doctrines of Scripture. This booklet features the work “The Faithful Bride of Christ” for one section.