At Historic Anabaptist Church, we want to be witnesses for Jesus Christ. Whether it’s to the lost or to those who’re saved, we want to provide answers. Gospel tracts, booklets, articles, and books can all be used as effective tools for reaching others.

What we’ve done is created an online library where you can come and find anything from books to tracts for your personal study or for teaching others. We want to be as comprehensive as possible, teaching on a variety of subjects. Hardcopies of Booklets and Tracts are available upon request. Booklets are also available as PDF files for preview. Tracts are not available for preview at this time.

We offer these resources to you freely.

To see our resources, just mouse over the “Library” tab for the drop down menu.

Note: featuring of any material written by another writer should not necessarily imply endorsement of the ministry or church of the author, nor all of the author’s doctrine(s) per say. These are available simply for educational purposes.

Articles – An article is a written piece that is too long to be a printed bi-fold, tri-fold, or other type of small tract.

Booklets – Sometimes referred to as Articles or Tracts, these are longer than our articles but much shorter than books and can be an effective tool in evangelism. We saddle stitch (staple) our booklets and use “card stock” for the cover.

Books – Our longest featured item. We offer these as PDFs that can be downloaded and stored on your computer or flash drive. These are too large for us to produce in hard-copy at this moment. Lord willing we find a way to print these, too. But when we find a good book, we love to pass it on.

Tracts – These are typically bi-fold or tri-fold and will be on a wide range of subjects. These are definitely intended to be passed out to those you meet. We print them on regular paper to keep the costs of printing down.

Our collection is always growing, so remember to regularly visit the library to see what new materials we’ve placed on our shelf.